MID-based lighting solutions for miniaturised applications

Lighting based on MID technology allows the use of the smallest of lamps. They are employed, for example, in medical technology or vehicle construction, but can also be adapted to suit individual requirements. Apart from a slightly higher purchase price LED light elements have only advantages compared to conventional halogen lamps.

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  • LED-diodes


    The use of MID technology enables lighting elements such as halogen lamps to be replaced by LED technology without the need for changes to the respective device. Advantages are a longer service life and increased luminosity.

LED-based lighting elements for maximum performance in a minimum of space
The light emitting diode sets the standard in the field of MID-based lighting solutions and from a technical point of view can be produced much smaller than a halogen lamp. As it generates much less heat, it requires considerably less space within the unit. This increases the degree of miniaturisation, thus reducing power loss. In general the power consumption of a light-emitting diode with the same luminosity is about a tenth of that of a halogen lamp. Further advantages of MID-based lighting solutions include a considerably longer service life as well as a freely selectable light spectrum. The colour of a light has a great impact on how a person perceives the light. Moreover, some work areas require specific colours of light in order to make error detection easier or protect materials.

OLED – the organic light-emitting diode
The difference to a normal LED lies in the use of organic materials. The structure of the OLED components is flat and they can be simultaneously equipped with a housing, electronics or connection technology. A special feature of the OLED is the ductility of the materials. Whereas most electronic components are destroyed, even under a minimal mechanical load, the organic LED can be bent. It is possible to use it for flexible monitors or a type of electronic paper.

UNC-LED lighting elements
These lamps are equipped with a standardised UNC thread and can be used in suitable devices. As the voltage requirements are almost identical, halogen lighting elements can also be easily replaced by MID-based lighting solutions. The light is thus generated by a normal LED. What makes these lamps so special is the integrated, constant power source which supplies the LED. The advantage here is that even when the battery is weak the luminosity remain high. In the field of medicine, for example, this ensures that an operation need not be prematurely stopped and subsequently restarted as a result of weak batteries.