A picture says more than 1000 words,

but 1 sample says more than 1000 pictures.

2E therefore offers its customers the possibility of producing, within a short period of time, fully functioning, reasonably priced MID prototypes using original materials.

The process can be described as follows:

  • After a customer’s idea of producing a product or component as an MID device has been born, there are usually many questions still to be answered. Has the most suitable material been chosen? Have all the design guidelines for the manufacture of MID using the LDS process been considered? Has the conductor path layout been optimally designed and is it fully operational? Have the SMD components been optimally arranged? Does the complete part fulfill the stipulated requirements? These questions and many others can be resolved by making use of the possibility of producing prototypes using the process offered by 2E.
  • To be able to produce the samples, initial samples or pre-series components the existing layout is first checked in collaboration with the customer and if necessary adapted.
  • The plastic bodies are then milled from semi-finished products or, if desired, injection moulded in our micro injection moulding centre (the tool costs for this are very reasonable). As in the later series production the samples are subsequently laser structured and metallized.
  • The SMD components are then assembled as well as vapour-phase soldered. Finally the functions and values are tested.
  • The customer receives the requested number of fully functioning MID prototypes within the period stipulated and can thus determine the course of action to be taken up until production of the series component.