Einsatzgebiet des thermischen MID-Strömungssensors.

Thermic flow sensors are excellent for measuring low differential pressures due to their zero point stability as well as high sensitivity with low flow velocities. In contrast, membrane pressure sensors work with a square characteristic curve which shows the least sensitivity at low pressure of around zero. The use of a thermic flow sensor for measuring low differential pressures has the potential to reduce costs to a tenth compared to the pressure sensor solution.

The MID thermic flow sensor can be used as a differential pressure sensor and volumetric flow sensor for bypass as well as direct operation. It offers a high level of accuracy with low power consumption (< 10mW).The sensor can be designed both for gaseous and liquid media. The maximum volumetric flow in direct operation, for example, amounts to 10ml/min for air. With the SMD/MID concept a highly integrated and extremely accurate sensor coupled with ease of handling has been produced for electronic components. At the same time it was possible to considerably increase the flexibility of the application. The initial applications have already been implemented in the field of air-conditioning technology. However, applications in medical technology as well as in the automotive sector are conceivable.