Capacitive 360° Inclination Sensor MODBUS (RS485)


The fluid, capacitive inclination sensor with 360° measuring range and high precision offers safety while meeting the highest demands on quality.

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Measurement Rang


Resolution max.

0,01° (adjustable)


79 x 28 x 20mm

Operating Voltage


Sampling Rate

< 180ms

Protection Rate


Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C


80g (with connector)


10-40°C < ±0,1°,
remaining Temp.Range ±0,15°


Aluminium, 2 Fixings


Modbus (RS485)



Measurement Report


Settling Time

< 1s


Data sheet


3D View



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    Inclination sensor – Purpose and areas of application

    The purpose of an inclination sensor is to recognise an inclined position. It uses the Earth’s gravitational field as its starting point and records when the object deviates from this position. Our high quality sensors recognise deviations of less than o.1° across the whole measuring range and provide integrated temperature compensation. Inclination sensors are deployed in many places and thanks to its protection class IP67 can also be used in difficult conditions. In construction vehicles, for example, it is used to detect an inclined position and prevent the vehicles from overbalancing. Work tables can be levelled with the aid of an inclination sensor, enabling work to be carried out on a level surface. Inclination sensors are also used to monitor wind turbines or in solar tracking systems.

    Operating principle of the inclination sensor

    The operating principle is based on the use of a cylindrical cavity half-filled with dielectric fluid. At one end of the cylinder there are two semi-circular electrodes and at the other end a circular electrode. When the sensor is tipped, the fluid remains in the same position as a result of gravity, whereas the electrodes change their position. Through the configuration of the electrodes the differential capacity between the two sides changes. A different value is, however, shown in each position. This capacity is evaluated electronically and the result determines at that moment the precise angle at which the sensor is tilted away from the horizon or an individually set zero point. This operating principle provides an extremely high resolution with very short reaction times and can be used at temperatures of between -40 and +85°C. For reading and evaluating the data the capacitive inclination sensor can be equipped with various interfaces. Discover the different versions of the high precision, totally reliable and compact 2E inclination sensors. For further information please see our product website at htts://

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