The use of MID technology enables lighting elements such as halogen lamps to be replaced by LED technology without the need for changes to the respective device. Advantages are a longer service life and increased luminosity.



Socket variants

(e.g. plug-in base)


Plastic body

Nominal voltage

3,2 – 4,0 V

Power consumption

ca. 80 mA

Light temperature



0.2 W


> 10.000 h

Housing temperature







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    LED lighting elements – better luminosity with longer service life

    Thanks to the innovative combination of MID and LED technology it will be possible to replace lights such as halogen lamps one-to one with modern LEDs. For the user this means a wide range of benefits such as, for example, a considerably longer service life, substantially increased luminosity and lower energy consumption. Laser direct structuring (LDS) is frequently used in the processing and assembly of 3D-MID plastic components. It aims for maximum precision and permits micrometre-sized conductor paths. Equipped with the most modern LEDs and, where necessary, further components a 100% compatible MID can be produced to replace the existing lamps. For the device manufacturer this means that no changes are necessary.

    Advantages of LED lamps

    As well as the lamps having a longer service life the colour of the light can be freely selected. When an LED is used as an indicating instrument, for example, various colours of light are helpful as they provide a better overview. The LED also achieves a noticeably better consumption rate as, compared to the halogen lamp, it only requires 10% of the energy. This is achieved by focusing the light, whereas a halogen lamp radiates the light in all directions. Consequently a much higher luminosity can be attained with considerably less power. Using MID-LDS technology the size of the assembly can also, if requested, be reduced. The significant decrease in heat loss further lowers the thermal load on the assembly when a large number of lamps are close together.

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