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The modular, multi-channel peristaltic microliter pump delivers the most diverse fluids and gases. The media can be pumped in both directions. The fluidics component is designed to be disposable. Up to 10 channels can be operated in parallel.

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  • bidirectional conveyance of the materials
  • integrated flow stop
  • exchangeable fluidic part

The minimum or maximum volumetric flow ratios are dependant on the type and size of the shaped hose being used. The same applies to the requirements regarding material resistance, the achievable intake pressure, the maximum pumping pressure and the longterm behaviour of the pump.

Based on the principle of these prototypes the pumps can be adapted to individual customer requirements as far as the application, the possibilities of installation and the design are concerned.

Possible applications of the micro pump in medical technology are:

  • laboratory technology
  • analysis automats
  • diagnostics
  • lab-on-chip technology

The microliter pump is a development of the two companies DNE GmbH/Schnaittenbach and 2E mechatronic.


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    Modular multi-channel microliter pump – advantages of modern fluidics

    2E mechatronic microliter pumps can be used anywhere where small amounts of liquid or gas are conveyed. Areas of application include, for example, medical technology, lubrication, room scenting as well as dispensing. Flow rates of up to 4ml/min can be achieved and the pump can be coupled with hoses which have differing internal diameters and various drive units.

    Structure of the microliter pump

    The structure of the pumps is based on the principle of the peristaltic pump. The medium is conveyed in a hose through the middle of the pump with the aid of six rollers. This enables bidirectional conveyance of the medium i.e. in both directions. The system ensures a very even delivery at a higher pressure than, for example, with membrane pumps. The system consists of two components, a drive unit and a fluidic component with five channels. The drive unit can be coupled with different motors. It can be extended by connecting a second unit, so that a total of 10 parallel conveying channels are available. The drive unit can be reused repeatedly, whereas the inexpensive fluidic component is disposable and must be replaced after use to prevent cross-contamination when using differing media.

    Advantages of our microliter pumps

    The miniaturised version of the peristaltic pump has a number of advantages compared to the frequently used membrane pump. These include higher intake as well as counter pressures and a systemic continuous flow with low pulsation. The anti-free-flow features prevent back flow if there is counter pressure (flow stop). The system is bubble tolerant and can be operated bidirectionally. Valves, which in other pumps constitute a weakness with regard to long service life, are not required here. It is, of course, possible to adapt our microfluidic system to the individual requirements of the customer.

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