Series production

Fully automated production of sensor housings in very high unit quantities and at a high level of quality for the automotive industry.

Project management

Conscientious project support with optimised expertise by our qualified project managers in the R&D department.

Quality Management

Intact quality management ensures our product quality every day. Certified in accordance with IATF 16949 and DIN ISO 14001.

Development support

An experienced team is at your side for the development of innovative products. Active participation in research projects rounds out this profile.

On-schedule delivery

Our highly committed employees and our constant contact with customers & suppliers enables us to reliably deliver on schedule.

Willingness to collaborate

Teamwork brings success. We offer the same level of collaboration for supported R&D projects as for the mass production of their resulting products.

2E introduces itself

2E mechatronic – your partner for microsystems

2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG is a company with headquarters in Kirchheim unter Teck. We specialise in the manufacture of microsystems for a wide range of applications including sensor technology, housing technology, microfluidics and MID technology. To ensure high quality we use modern production facilities and accompany the life cycle of every product from development to serial production.

Areas of application for 2E mechatronic microsystems

We are the right contact partner for any size of project. Our products are customized upon request to suit individual requirements. Using a variety of manufacturing processes and methods we are able to produce any number of units cost-effectively.

The areas of application for our products are manifold. Our housings, for example, are used for sensors in the automotive industry. The microliter pump was developed for use in research and analysis. In MID technology we are one of the leading manufacturers and our MID-based lighting solutions are even used in medical technology.

Sensor technology

Many automatic processes must be monitored by means of modern sensors in order to modify the process conditions automatically. These sensors have a short reaction time but it is of equal importance that they are as small as possible. For integration in the customers’ system our sensors can be equipped with various interfaces.

Our capacitive 360° inclination sensor determines the position of a component by means of the Earth’s gravitational field. Areas of application include vehicle construction, measurement technology, renewable energies or medical technology. Discover the different versions of the high-precision, totally reliable and compact inclination sensors. Our thermal flow sensors, on the other hand, are suitable for measuring low flow velocities and differential pressures. They are used, for example, in air-conditioning systems.

Housing technology

We produce many different housings for sensors and other components which require protection from moisture and dirt. The main area of application for our housings is in the automotive industry. The external shape, exact dimensions and integrated connectors of our microsystems are adjusted to suit any product according to the requirements of our customers.

MID technology           

Our “Mechatronic Integrated Devices”, in short MID, are manufactured according to the customer’s particular requirements and specifications. They are two- or three-dimensional circuit carriers with a high degree of miniaturization. Depending on the specifications and required quantities the MID are manufactured using either the hot-embossing process or laser direct structuring (LDS).

MID-based lighting solutions

MID-based lighting systems are characterized by their small size and high efficiency. Compared to conventional halogen lamps the size can be considerably reduced by using LED-diodes (light-emitting diode). LED-diodes also have a longer service life and the colour of the light can be selected.

The LED lighting element represents the current standard. Along with the normal LED the market share for the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is growing. It is characterized by its flat structure, enabling it to be used, for example, in monitors. We also offer the manufacture of light diodes with UNC thread which have a constant power source. This ensures uniform luminosity even when the battery is weak. They are used in the medical industry, for example, for laryngoscopes.


Our microliter pump was developed primarily for use in the field of medicine and research. It conveys small quantities of diverse fluids on the same principle as a peristaltic pump and consists of two components. The drive unit can be reused but the fluidics component, which comes into contact with the fluid, has been designed as an inexpensive element for single use only. This effectively avoids any cross-contamination.

2E mechatronic as a partner from idea to serial production

As an experienced specialist we not only manufacture microsystems in small and large quantities, but also provide support in the development phase. From the product idea via prototyping through to serial production, the specialised 2E mechatronic staff are involved in the manufacturing process. Why not allow us, one of the market leaders in the field of innovative microsystems, to guide you through your project?!

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