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2E mechatronic is well known both nationally and internationally for its innovative products and manufacturing technologies that are continuously refined. Today 2E is an important supplier in the automotive industry offering our customers our expertise and many years of experience in safety-relevant applications.

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for exhausT gas analysis

NOx is used as a collective term for nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These gases are produced, for example, during the combustion of fuel in the engine and are then guided through the aftertreatment in the exhaust system. This process
reduces the emission of dangerous nitrogen oxides to a minimum and serves to improve air quality.

for STarT STop sysTem

The automatic start/stop system is also used in commercial vehicles.
It reduces consumption and CO2 emissions, especially when there are frequent stops.

Housing for exhaust gas analysis
Housing-for-exhaust gas analysis
housing for acceleration sensors

Housing for
ESP® yaw raTe sensors

The yaw rate sensor is part of the ESP® (electronic stability program) or ESC (electronic stability control) and measures the rotational movement of a body (in this case the vehicle) in all axes. The MEMS-based sensors apply the principle of the so-called Coriolis force to detect the movements.

Housing for
acceleraTion sensors

This particular housing for acceleration sensors accommodates electronics which must be mounted in the correct position in the vehicle. The electronics are connected by press-fit-technology.

housing-esp-yaw rate sensors MM5

ConnecTor for
conTrol uniT frames for auxiliary heaTing

The various contacts are singulated fully automatically, cranked if necessary and inserted into a precision injection moulding tool. After having been overmoulded with the high temperature plastic PPS, various features are tested, also fully automatically. The component accommodates the control unit of a parking heater in the automotive sector and is installed directly above the burner.

ConnecTor for
headresT adjusTmenTs

Constricted space conditions have in this case made it necessary to modify an existing connector for this special application. Tinned, thermally torn pins with a 0.64 mm edge length are shot into an insulating body produced by precision injection moulding and thus allow the connector to be soldered onto a printed circuit board.

Cable harness connecTor

Due to its individual design, the connector makes incorrect wiring or the use of incompatible connection devices impossible.