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Cable Harness ConnecTor

Due to its individual design, the connector makes incorrect wiring or the use of incompatible connection devices impossible.

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cable harness connector


> Insulating body material

PA6.6, glass-fibre reinforced

> Dimensions

30 x 13 x 13mm

> Characteristics

IP67; 4-pole, pull-out tab, integrated seal

> Manufacturing Method

Precision moulding with or without seals.

>Degree of Automation

Depending on piece number full or semi-automated.

Further information is available directly via the download link:

Customized Cable Harness Connector

A classic insulator with connector coding and pull-out tab which is produced by precision injection moulding and then fitted with a seal. The customer crimps the spring contacts onto the strands of his wiring harness and then inserts them into the connector housing, where they snap into place. Please also feel free to contact us if you need assembled cables or wiring harnesses with connectors.

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