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LDS producT sample (OLED)

In connection with the MID technology, the organic light diodes maintain their flat structure and can simultaneously be equipped with a housing and the required electronics and connection technology.

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AdvanTages of OLED in combinaTion wiTh MID Technology

  • MID technology allows the electronics to be integrated into the flat design in a space-saving manner.
  • Three-dimensional conductor tracks make optimal use of installation space possible.
  • The complete module can be used as a plug&play solution.
  • Electronics and connection technology can be adapted to customer specifications.

OLED – modern lighting solutions with special features

The organic light-emitting diode is a component that, like the normal LED, is used for lighting. It consists of several layers and usually has a very flat structure. A housing produced using MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) technology and incorporating laser-structured conductor paths is suitable for accommodating the OLED as well as the electronic parts.
The optimum flat structure is thus retained.

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