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unc-led lighTing elemenTs

Their constant power source for uniform luminosity and our standardized UNC thread makes our UNC LED light elements for example suitable for laryngoscopes.

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> Socket variants

UNC thread #8-32

> Material

Plastic body and brass casing

> Nominal voltage

3 – 5V

> Power consumption

approx. 80 mA

> Battery life

up to 20 h

> Light temperature


> Temperature development

0,2 W

> Endurance

> > 10.000 h

Further information is available directly via the download link:

UNC-LED – the versatile lighting solution

UNC stands for Unified Course Thread and corresponds to a standardised thread. 2E develops LED elements based on MID technology (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) for diverse applications which are perfect replacements for existing solutions such as halogen lamps.

Structure and area of application of the UNC-LED

The basic structure is no different from a normal MID-LED element. The special feature is the metal casing which holds the lighting element. At the bottom end this has a UNC thread and can therefore be quickly screwed into appropriate devices. This type of lighting is used, for example, in medical technology for laryngoscopes. In general, a reduction in the size of the component, in comparison to halogen lamps, is possible with LED technology because much less electricity flows and consequently less heat is lost.

Advantages of our lighting solutions

Replacing old lamps one to one not only reduces consumption but also considerably increases the service life of the lamps. Using an LED also makes it possible to select a colour for the light, if needed. Our MID-LEDs are equipped with a constant power source. This means that the lamp remains much brighter even when the battery is weak.

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