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360° inclinaTion sensor OEM

Space-saving circuit board version for integration
into your electronics and housing.

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OEM Variants


> Resolution

± 0,01°

Measuring axis


> Operating voltage


> Sampling rate

31,1 – 231,7 ms (adjustable)

> Dimensions

79 x 28 x 21 mm

> Interface

I²C, RS232 (TTL-level)

> Accuracy

+10 – +40°C: <±0,1°*,
-40 – +85°C: <±0,15°
*measured in encased environment

> Connector

pin header RM 1,27 x 7pol OR FFC RM1x7pole

Further information is available directly via the download link:


The space-saving OEM version can be connected to the existing electronics in a customer’s housing by means of a pin header or ribbon cable (FFC). Communication follows I²C or RS232 protocol.

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