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Series producTion.

Our qualified project managers from our own R&D department ensure a conscientious and professional project support which strives to achieve optimal results. We manufacture plastic hybrids in large series on specially developed, fully automated production lines. We also produce complete MID assemblies in our electronics production department using LDS (LaserDirectStructuring).

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Plastic hybrids

PlasTic hybrids

2E KeyVisual MID Technology


Sensor technology

SENSOR Technology

We manufacture plastic hybrids on specially developed, fully automated production lines in very high quantities and of the highest quality, primarily for the automotive industry. These hybrids include sensor housings, connector frames and connectors. Our own products such as DIN connectors and high precision inclination sensors are also part of our product portfolio. In addition, we are one of the world’s few manufacturers of injection-moulded three-dimensional circuit carriers (MID components) with integrated functionality.

fully automatic machine
fully automatic machine