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ConnecTor for ConTrol UniT Frames for Auxiliary HeaTing

Combination of several connectors and mechanical holding fixtures in the high temperature range of an assembly.

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> Dimensions

105 x 88 x 26mm

> Contact material


> Contact surface


> Insulating body material

PPS, GF40, black

> Special features

Contacts overmoulded, cranked 64 pin
High-temperature resistant plastic

> Degree of Automation

Fully oder half automated depending on volume

>Manufactoring Method

*Contacts and insertion parts are placed into the injection moulding tool and are overmoulded
*Contacts are pressed into the insulation body after injection moulding

> Types of Contacts

*Stamped flat contacts
*Turned circular pins
*Wire based pins (e.g. 0.64 x 0.64mm²)

Further information is available directly via the download link:

Control unit frames for auxiliary heating

The various contacts are singulated fully automatically, cranked if necessary and inserted into a precision injection moulding tool. After having been overmoulded with the high temperature plastic PPS, various features are tested, also fully automatically. The component accommodates the control unit of a parking heater in the automotive sector and is installed directly above the burner.

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