Housing for Yaw Rate Sensors ESP®


Yaw rate sensors are an integral part of driver assistance systems, in this case the so-called ESP® (Electronic Stability Programme). 3rd generation MM3.

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Insulating body


Contact material

tin bronze

Contact surface

Selectively tin-plated


4 moulded contacts and 6 moulded retaining pins (each with pressfit areas) , moulded steel bushings , fully-automatic assembly


80 x 80 x 30mm




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    Housing technology for ESP® yaw rate sensors

    The yaw rate sensor detects the movements of the vehicle from the tyre rotations and is thus able to intervene in the driving behaviour. The ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) or ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is capable of getting the car back on course after a driving error. For this it requires a high quality, robust housing which can be installed in a confined space.

    Modern housing technology from 2Emechatronic

    Housings for yaw rate sensors are produced using the precision injection moulding process. As an integrated process in a fully automated production line very large quantities can be produced at competitive prices. In addition, specific customer requirements can be implemented with the aid of our development support or, more specifically, with the design of the tool as stipulated during the development phase as well as the whole production process. This applies, for example, to the external shape, connection and contact pins as well as further components such as bushings and seals. Automation of the processes guarantees a high level of dimensional accuracy, even for large quantities. After the machine has been set up all the parts are produced  in one process and machine-tested for dimensional accuracy, functionality and impermeability. As a DIN ISO/TS 16949 certified supplier our processes meet the high demands required for the use of products in the automotive industry.

    Housings for yaw rate sensors from 2E mechatronic – use of high quality plastics

    The most frequently used plastic is polybutylene terephthalate, mostly shortened to PBT. This plastic has good heat resistance and high dimensional stability during processing. Its resistance to chemical solvents and mechanical damage make it the perfect material within the automotive industry.

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