Housing for
Side Airbag Sensors


This type of housing for side airbag sensors contains overmoulded nickel/chrome bushings as well as 2 overmoulded press-fit pins and 2 contacts in the integrated connector for connecting to the onboard electronic system.

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Insulating Body


Contact material

tin bronze

Contact surface

selectively tin plated


2 moulded contacts and 2 moulded retaining pins, moulded chrome/nickel bushings, fully-automatic assembly


50 x 30 x 25mm




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Side airbag sensor – housing technology from the specialist

In the event of an accident airbags should protect the occupants from serious injury. As a rule airbag systems consist of an airbag module, an airbag control unit and crash sensors. The module contains the actual nylon sack as well as the gas generator. The control unit evaluates the data of all connected sensors and decides when to release which airbag. The sensor system is varied and is installed in different locations in the vehicle. Examples include pressure sensors and acceleration sensors.

Housing technology for airbag sensors

The housings described here protect the sensitive electronics of the side airbag sensors. They can already detect irregular changes in the door area such as, for example, an increase in pressure, even before greater acceleration affects the vehicle. The data is transmitted to the control unit and evaluated in milliseconds. If an airbag is released, it will inflate within 20ms. Besides accommodating the electronic system and protecting it from external influences the housings also have integrated connectors for connecting the sensors to the master systems.

Advantages of fully automatic production

Fully automatic production processes allow very large production volumes with consistently high quality. Qualified staff constantly monitor the electronic part inspection systems as well as the whole process and, should it be necessary, take corrective action. Our production processes are certified to DIN ISO/TS 16949 and therefore meet all the quality requirements for supplying the automotive industry.

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Side Airbag Sensors”