Housing for
Start Stop System


The automatic start/stop system is also used in commercial vehicles. It reduces consumption and CO2 emissions, especially when there are frequent stops. Sophisticated housings for sensors are produced by 2E.

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Insulating body


Contact material

tin bronze

Contact surface

Selectively tin-plated, selectively nickel-plated


2 pins with 3 pressfit areas
6 pins with 2 pressfit areas
fully-automatic assembly


130 x 90 x 50mm





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Housing technology for start/stop system

The purpose of this control system is to switch off the engine whenever the vehicle is stationary for short periods. Commonly referred to as an automatic start/stop system, it primarily protects the environment as thousands of litres of fuel can be saved in this way daily. Furthermore, the general noise level in the vicinity of traffic lights, level crossings and bus stops decreases because considerably fewer engines are running whilst stationary. This can only be achieved using complex and high-precision sensor technology, and it requires a special housing.

High-precision plastic housings from certified manufacturer

The injection moulding process is integrated in the fully automated production line and is, therefore, also suitable for very high production volumes. In terms of customer requirements the procedure is flexible as, from the outset, the machines are designed to meet these special demands. Individual solutions are likewise created for inserts such as connection pins, contact pins or bushings. The plastics used are also selected to fulfil the special demands. On account of its excellent properties for automotive construction polybutylene terephthalate, in short, PBT, is frequently used. Other plastics are, however, also available for special requirements. As a rule, the contacts are made of tin bronze with selectively galvanised areas and therefore have a very low contact resistance.

Reasons for 2E mechatronic individual housing solutions

Using a specific housing solution effectively prevents lower quality spare parts being installed if there is a defect, as this would adversely affect the safety of the entire vehicle. A replacement of defective parts can only be carried out using original spare parts produced by us. Without the appropriate tools it is virtually impossible to copy our housings. All our processes are, of course, certified to DIN ISO/TS 16949 and meet the standards demanded in the automotive industry.

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Start Stop System”