Cable assembly: standard and individual

There are standards for most cable connections and plugs which provide precise details with regard to size, shape and material. For the customer, compliance with these standards is a top priority as it guarantees that the products meet the standard of quality required. 2E mechatronic treats every manufactured product with the greatest possible care to ensure that the quality remains the same, even for large quantities.

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  • Cable


    In collaboration with CiS electronic GmbH, we manufacture insulation-displacement connector systems with all of the standard and special cables available on the market at favourable conditions.

  • Cable Harness


    Together with our partner, CiS electronic in Krefeld, we offer the development and inexpensive fully or semi-automatic production of customer-specific cable harnesses.

  • Connector
    FOKA for IGBT


    For the safe and simple connection of IGBT modules and PCBs 2E has developed special standard connectors (Formkabel). The manufacturers of the modules recommend the use of our FOKA. We can also provide you with customised versions on request.

  • High Frequency Cable


    In close cooperation with CiS electronic GmbH, we are pleased to offer you the production and testing of HF plug connectors and cables.

  • Ribbon cable


    Standard and special cables can be produced with all plug connectors and contacts available on the market. Including packaging and testing.

Different cable assemblies for a variety of application areas
Cable harnesses do not only have to simply connect assemblies but should also withstand various loads. They must fulfil electrical property requirements in terms of current and transmission rate, be protected against emissions and immissions, and also be capable of being subject to mechanical load caused , for example, by friction or vibrations. Flexibility in production allows the assembly of all cables using any commercially available connectors or contacts. These could include, for example, ribbon cables, round cables or high frequency cables. Using any combination of cables and plugs allows us to respond specifically to customers’ requests.

Individual, customized cable assemblies
Having precise details means that the manufacture of standard assemblies is relatively easy. We, however, also offer a solution for projects which are not manufactured according to a standard. In these cases we provide support, if requested, from the planning stage through to prototype in order to develop the perfect product. The planning for individually produced cable assemblies is carried out in cooperation with our partner CiS electronic GmbH. The assemblies are produced semi- or fully automatically depending on quantity. The cost per unit sinks accordingly with the increasing number of items ordered. With our state-of- the-art manufacturing technology we are able to realise almost any project.