The microliter pump was developed by 2E mechatronic primarily for use in medical technology but the areas of application have also extended to pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and analytics. The microliter pump conveys both gaseous and liquid media, achieving flow rates of between 5μl/min and 4ml/min.

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  • Microliter Pump


    The modular, multi-channel peristaltic microliter pump delivers the most diverse fluids and gases. The media can be pumped in both directions. The fluidics component is designed to be disposable. Up to 10 channels can be operated in parallel.

  • Microliter Pump Evaluation Kit


    The kit offers the user the opportunity to test the pump for four weeks at no charge. The option exists of matching the kit to the requirements of the specific application.

Functional principle of the microliter pump
Most microfluidic pumps are diaphragm pumps which, however, do have their advantages with regard to pressure and pulsation. The 2E pumps have all the advantages of a peristaltic pump but without their considerably higher prices. They reach higher pressures than a standard miniaturised diaphragm pump, convey the media absolutely uniformly and can compete with the most reasonably priced diaphragm pumps. Furthermore, they are bidirectional, thus allowing conveyance in both directions.

Cost reduction by using two-component system
The peristaltic pump consists of a drive unit and a fluidics component. Both components are sold separately and can also be individually exchanged. This increases the speed when working with a variety of substances and reduces the cost of microfluidic spare parts. The reusable drive unit consists of a drive shaft and a socket for the fluidic component. It can also be connected to different types of motors. The fluidic component, to which the hoses are attached, is disposable. Exchanging it after use prevents cross-contamination of several substances. Up to five different hoses with internal diameters of between 0.25 and 1.85mm can be connected, thus allowing the simultaneous conveyance of several substances. It is possible to extend the microliter pump to up to 10 channels by attaching a second drive unit with fluidic component.

Customised microfluidics – evaluation kit to test free of charge
With our peristaltic pump evaluation kit you have the possibility of testing the product for four weeks free of charge. You will receive a drive unit, two fluidic components and a plug-in power supply. The product can also be adapted to suit your exact requirements in order to provide you with the best possible insight into the functional capability of our high quality microfluidics technology. For the drive unit you can choose from various BLDC or stepper motors.