Inclination sensor

Sensor technology is indispensable for monitoring industrial and automatic processes. Continuous monitoring and as short a reaction time as possible are top priorities in ensuring that the high standard of quality expected of a modern company is maintained. Modern sensor technology as well as the resulting data form the basis of further digitalisation of products and processes in the wake of Industry 4.0.

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Capacitive 360° inclination sensor
This fluid capacitive sensor determines the position of a component by means of the Earth’s gravitational field. A cylindrical cavity is formed by two housings with a spacer disk in between. The cavity is half filled with a dielectric fluid. At one end of the cylinder there are two semi-circular electrodes and at the other a circular electrode.

When the housing is inclined relative to the horizontal plane, the dielectric fluid remains in the same position as a result of gravitational force. This creates a differential capacity between the electrode pairs dependent on the inclination. This capacity is evaluated electronically and the result determines the angle of inclination. With a settling time of under one second the inclination is calculated to exactly ±0.1fs.

Areas of application include medical technology, vehicle construction, renewable energies and measurement technology. An OEM version of the inclination sensor with no housing is also available and can be integrated into your systems. Various digital and analogue interfaces are also still available.

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Evaluation kit
Our high quality sensor technology can be tested for four weeks free of charge using the evaluation kit. In addition, we include software to show the measurement results of the sensor in question.