Series Production

We manufacture high-precision injection moulded housings with inserts such as bushings and pins on specially developed, fully automatic production lines. In our series production we use, for example, pins with press-fit areas or contacts with bond surfaces as well as retaining bolts.

Our development team accompanies the customers from the idea phase with a cost-benefit-analysis to product line construction and our core competence, namely precision injection moulding in mass production. Even after series start we continue to work together with the customer to optimize the secondary production processes.

Our expertise in manufacturing high quality housings in large quantities is demonstrated by us daily in the production of housings for ESP®-Sensors, NOx and side-airbag sensors as well as stop-start electronics.

We already have over 10 years of experience in series production of sophisticated injection moulded housings with inserts in the automotive sector. Injection moulded parts such as DIN or customized connectors have been manufactured at 2E for over 30 years.

Find out more about series production of MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) and microlitre pumps on our product pages.