Housing technology

Plastic housings for the automotive

One of the core competencies of 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG is the manufacture of plastic housings with inlaid parts in very high quantities and quality. The plastics used in this process are the most common thermoplastics such as PA, PBT and PPS.
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Capacitive 360° Inclination Sensor

Inclination sensors calculate the position of an object in relation to the gravitational field of the earth. These sensors can be used in a number of different ways: with wind turbines they are part of the monitoring system and check the fundaments and the inclination of the towers. In tracking systems for solar panels they ensure an optimal alignment of the modules to the sun.
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Thermic flow sensors

Thermic flow sensors are excellent for measuring low differential pressures due to their zero point stability as well as high sensitivity with low flow velocities. In contrast, membrane pressure sensors work with a square characteristic curve which shows the least sensitivity at low pressure of around zero. The use of a thermic flow sensor for measuring low differential pressures has the potential to reduce costs to a tenth compared to the pressure sensor solution.
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LED-diodes – Innovation in Lighting

These high performance light elements are manufactured using the tried and tested MID LDS process (laser-direct-structuring) and can be employed in many different areas. It is worth mentioning that with this product it is the first time that the LDS process has also been successfully used in medical technology.
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Product categories

  • Inclination sensor

    Inclination sensor

    Sensor technology is indispensable for monitoring industrial and automatic processes. Continuous monitoring and as short a reaction time as possible are top priorities in ensuring that the high standard of quality expected of a modern company is maintained. Modern sensor technology as well as the resulting data form the basis of further digitalisation of products and processes in the wake of Industry 4.0.

  • MID Technology

    MID Technology

    The term MID stands for Mechatronic Integrated Devices (multi-functional 3-D circuit carriers). The processes mentioned here are employed in the manufacture of circuit carriers which, because they are multi-functional, can be used in many places. They differ mainly in terms of tool costs, flexibility, 3-D capability and degree of miniaturisation. MID allows the reduction of component diversity and a shortening of the process chain. Thanks to decades of experience 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co.KG is one of the market leaders in the field of MID technology.

  • MID-based lighting solutions for miniaturised applications

    MID-based lighting solutions for miniaturised applications

    Lighting based on MID technology allows the use of the smallest of lamps. They are employed, for example, in medical technology or vehicle construction, but can also be adapted to suit individual requirements. Apart from a slightly higher purchase price LED light elements have only advantages compared to conventional halogen lamps.

  • Housing Technology

    Housing Technology

    - high-precision injection moulded plastic housings -

    Miniaturised sensor technology is sensitive and must therefore be protected from external influences and mechanical damage. 2E mechatronic manufactures high quality, high-precision sensor housings using fully automated processes. Thanks to modern housing technology with regard to inserted parts such as bushings or pins, products can also be adapted to satisfy almost any customer requirements.


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  • Microfluidics


    The microliter pump was developed by 2E mechatronic primarily for use in medical technology but the areas of application have also extended to pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and analytics. The microliter pump conveys both gaseous and liquid media, achieving flow rates of between 5μl/min and 4ml/min.

  • Standard connectors for standardised connections

    Standard connectors for standardised connections

    Connectors represent the heart of every cable harness and are available in all shapes and sizes. A high quality connector should plug in with minimal effort, have as low a contact resistance as possible, be protected against polarity reversal and not work itself loose independently. We meet these requirements with our wide range of standard connectors, in particular female connectors, pin headers and male connectors. Besides having 35 years of experience in the production of standardised connections, we have also developed our own connectors.

  • Tailor-made connectors- to meet customers’ requirements

    Tailor-made connectors- to meet customers’ requirements

    Numerous products can be produced in as wide a range as DIN connectors. In other cases it could, however, make sense to deviate from the norm. With our experience in development and construction of prototypes through to mass production we are the right partner.

  • Cable assembly: standard and individual

    Cable assembly: standard and individual

    There are standards for most cable connections and plugs which provide precise details with regard to size, shape and material. For the customer, compliance with these standards is a top priority as it guarantees that the products meet the standard of quality required. 2E mechatronic treats every manufactured product with the greatest possible care to ensure that the quality remains the same, even for large quantities.