Fluidischer, kapazitiver 360° Neigungssensor für den Einsatz in Windkraftanlagen.

Inclination sensors calculate the position of an object in relation to the gravitational field of the earth.

These sensors can be used in a number of different ways: with wind turbines they are part of the monitoring system and check the fundaments and the inclination of the towers. In tracking systems for solar panels they ensure an optimal alignment of the modules to the sun.

Additional applications: on cranes and excavators, for example, the angle of inclination of the boom is calculated to prevent the machine from tipping or to determine the exact position of individual elements. This information is required, for example, for GPS-controlled machinery.

Also within the field of medical technology (levelling of operating tables, dental medicine, computer tomography), in mechanical engineering, in weighing technology (mobile weighing machines) or even in the field of automation, inclination sensors are in use.